Crystals (love, luck, health) 

Discover the Metaphysical Properties of Minerals

Agate  - Calming, Builds self-confidence, inspirational influence

Amber - Healing, Symbol of renewal, assures promises

Amethyst - Peace, Sobriety, Spirituality

Aventurine - Independence, health, creativity

Calcite - Awareness, appreciation of nature

Carnelian - Concentration, joy, harmony

Citrine - Self esteem, cheerfulness, hope

Hematite - Removes negative energy

Jasper - Powerful healer, supreme naturer, protection

Lapis - Stone of total awareness, overcome depression, enhances serenity

Malachite - Stone of transformation, worn to ward off evil spirits in Ancient times

Pyrite - Protective, symbolizes warm and lasting presence of the Sun

Quartz Crystal - Energy, healer, amplify body energy and thoughts

Rose Quartz - "Love Stone", compassion, forgiveness

Rhyolite - Represents change, lights the fire of creativity

Tiger Eye - Protection, prosperity, good luck in games of chance

Turquoise - Loyalty, peace, friendship

HEMATITE - "Removes Negative Energy".....Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, courage.   Focuses energy and emotions for balance between the mind, body and spirit.    Sometimes called "Black Diamond", the ancient Egyptians used this stone to treat hysteria, reduce inflamation, and also for ornamental objects placed in their tombs.   Hematite is the worlds most important iron ore.   ........    My Hematite collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendant and lots of Ankle Bracelets.